About The Experience

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Hello Gorgeous!


My name is Mandy. I am the portrait artist here at Mandy's Boudoir Beauties. 

I chose to specialize in Boudoir and Women's  Portraiture because it brings me joy watching the transformation that happens right in front of my lens. My clients come to me wanting to feel beautiful, confident, sexy, fearless, seductive and womanly. 

Does this sound familiar? 
Is this hitting home with you?

This is how most women feel. You are not alone. 
Would you believe most of my clients are moms? Would you believe that they did this session and and their feelings of insecurities lessened because they realized, maybe for the first time, that they were freaking gorgeous?

My clients leave the studio feeling like a QUEEN because they just slayed their session.

MOST of my clients are terrified just thinking about getting in front of the camera with little more than a swim suit on, but don't worry. I have years of experience and I am here to guide you every step of the way. If you need help with outfits, I'm your girl. If you're stressing, message me. If you don't know what to do with your hands, I'll tell you. I am here with you throughout the whole process to create the ultimate experience for you.

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When you arrive at the studio, we talk and relax while you get dolled up for your session. Then we have a list of some of your favorite music going and have fun capturing these incredible images of YOU in gorgeous outfits. After the session, we set up a time for you to come back to the studio for the reveal and we have some wine while watching a slideshow from your session. Then the hard part, choosing the images for your album and/or wall art. When we have the images narrowed down, you choose how you'd like them displayed (album, keepsake box, and/or wall art) and we place your order. You can pay in full at that time to get your images back quickly or you can take advantage of my payment plan option for qualifying orders. (Also check out Paypal Credit and Square Installments. You are welcome to utilize their payment options to pay for your collection or order if you are pre-qualified before the reveal, you can take your products home earlier!)

And girls, I offer Boudie Bucks for each booked referrals. This means if you get friends or family to book either a boudoir or family session (see Mandy Wolf Photography) you get $50 of credit to apply towards your session! This is UNLIMITED! Keep sending them to me and if they book, you can earn those Boudie Bucks and discount your session or products. How amazing am I?  

Let's be honest, I'm Pretty Awesome, right? Wait till you actually meet me in person. We are going to have a blast and create something incredible and intimate for you or your special someone.

So are you interested in knowing more?
Does this sound like something you might want to do?

Send me an email and we can set up a time to talk. Absolutely no obligation to book, but a chance for us to meet in person and talk about what you're looking for, whether it be boudoir or glamour/beauty.

I can't wait to meet you beautiful! and before you leave, make sure to check out my portfolio and join my Women's Only VIP group on Facebook